Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Will we ever find a cure for cancer? When a person is told they have Stage IV of this disease and medical professionals express they can offer palliative care (some treatments or drugs to make you more comfortable as you are waiting to die) most people accept the inevitable.
Here are some considerations as we look for cures for incurable diseases:
1. Get your body as healthy as you can. Do a simple internal cleansing program under the guidance of a competent trained qualified practitioner. Your colon holds a lot of toxic waste and if your diet hasn't been the best, this path will bring great results and reduce cravings for what might have precipitated part of the problem you are facing.
2. Invest in a good juicer (I prefer the Champion) and then get the book Fresh Juices by Dr. Walker wherein it provides recipes for every ailment or disease that I have ever heard about and most of which are considered incurable.
3. Put your juicing recipes together with organically grown foods and drink at least 1 quart a day 4 or 5 days a week. Most changes need 90 days to see permanent results and including a healthy more vegetarian diet of fresh steamed vegetables, grains and fresh fruit.
4. Begin to listen to your own body. If something doesn't feel right. It most likely isn't. Most drugs and treatments have more side effects than the initial problem. That is a sure sign the direction is wrong. Even vitamins can be wrong if you can't digest them. If you burp them up after taking enough water and still get an after taste, your body is telling you it doesn't need it. Out with the old in with the new in all regards. Positive re-enforcement of positive people and a spiritual path. Friends! Books! Music!

When will we find cures for cancer or any other incurable disease? When Doctors listen to their patients, work together, provide services of  holistic consultants, nutritionist, herbalists and other alternative health care practitioners. Last but not least, are more open to compliments to medical care.

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  1. God speed that day!
    To your Friends Books Music, I would add "Laughter" :) xx